Wolf Premium Cars GmbH

The partner you can trust for vehicles of all kinds

The partner you can trust for vehicles of all kinds

We help you find that gem you are looking for.


Would you be comforted to know … when the time comes for you to pass on … that your valuable car will pass into the right hands? Do you want to ensure that your little beauty will continue to be looked after and cared for the way you have always treated her? Are you interested in having all aspects concerning your car regulated in your estate planning?

Wolf Premium Cars is the partner you can trust for the proper testamentary handling of your car as property of your estate. Company President Robert Glück will personally ensure that your treasured car will be taken care of exactly according to your wishes – even if unusual!

The role of Wolf Premium Cars is to ensure that your car is lovingly cared for and maintained in a respectful, value-preserving way throughout the longer term. If sale to a private buyer is intended, we ensure that your baby goes to an individual who will love the car like you do and be willing to invest accordingly. Want your rare premium car to be appreciated and wondered at by the public when you have departed? We will make sure that the vehicle appears in select exhibitions for other car lovers to enjoy. Would you like to allow car lovers to use your car, generating some revenue? Your treasure will be cared for and treated with respect by investors with whom you then share profits made from usage. Profits can be donated to a charity in your name, if you wish.
Every arrangement is handled with the utmost discretion, with 100% security ensured in every respect.


Are you looking for a unique car that you feel a passion for? Interested in fulfilling a cherished dream of childhood? Looking for serious prospective buyers for your little beauty – and discreetly handled transaction?

Wolf Premium Cars offers extraordinary cars not traded on official marketplaces, ranging from rare barn finds to exotic new cars … and unique private planes of varying price categories.

Vehicles are exclusively transacted directly between buyer and seller. Our vast and reliable international network makes this possible.

As seller, you can be sure that your car will be offered solely to serious, creditworthy buyers with a genuine interest. If you yourself are looking as a buyer, you can be certain that you will only be offered unique cars that meet your personally specified criteria.

The purchase and sale process is 100% discreet and anonymous, with no transaction disclosure of any sort.


The right vehicle for any budget, whether you’re looking for a city car, van, sports car or saloon
for the family. Our focus is on high quality rather than a specific brand. Every vehicle we sell
undergoes thorough inspection.


Wolf Premium Cars is your trustworthy partner when investing in rare and classic cars, offering secure, transparent projects with above-average returns. Every purchase and every sale is personally overseen and handled by Company President Robert Glück. All vehicles are purchased in Europe then imported into Switzerland and sold from there. It goes without saying that every car is fully insured against any and all risks.

Wolf Premium Cars understands the personal elements in investing. You decide whether your investment is to be longer-term or short-term in nature, what the budget is and what your level of involvement is to be – then make your choice from a curated portfolio. All information relevant to your investment is available to you at all times.

As a vehicle enthusiast, you like to be involved in your investment, being kept up to date at all times on what vehicles are being bought and sold, making money while indulging your passion.

Or you can just sit back and relax and let your invested capital go to work on its own. When a vehicle is sold, your invested capital plus realised profit is paid out to you immediately. You decide whether to take a monthly instalment or a lump sum.


Wolf Premium Cars is your discreet, trusted partner for purchases, sales, brokering, advice and searches for vehicles of all kinds: new cars, vintage cars and barn finds in need of restoration, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, boats … whatever your budget may be.

The man behind Wolf Premium Cars is Company President Robert Glück – a true expert on cars, boats and airplanes of all kinds. Out of his passion for everything motorized, Robert understands the desires and expectations of his clients very well – and how they pay attention to details.

Deploying his vast knowledge, unparalleled experience and extraordinarily robust network, Robert will help you find your dream car, give you the honest advice you need, or ensure that you as seller get maximum value.

His motto: “Yes we can”.


The essence of Wolf Premium Cars is discretion. Accordingly, we cannot publicly list any information on reference customers, but we will be glad to talk about these with you in a one-on-one conversation.